Meteen naar de inhoud

Werk aan de toekomst van uw bedrijf

Werken aan de toekomst van uw bedrijf…

Altijd blijven werken aan de toekomst van uw bedrijf…

Werken IN en AAN je bedrijf is een permanent proces aan een levend ding. Medewerkers, producten, markten, klanten, financiën, etc. IN je bedrijf werk je met het doel het bedrijf, de processen, om te zetten in een systeem waarbij het bedrijf niet alleen om u draait. Wanneer u dat heeft bereikt kunt u AAN het bedrijf gaan werken en een toekomst strategie gaan opzetten, het bedrijf daarmee verder ontwikkelen, de relatie met klanten optimaliseren en het bedrijf die richting uit te laten gaan waarin u het wilt laten gaan.

Werk de toekomst van uw bedrijf verder uit…

Vraag vrijblijvend ABC Handel & Industrie om medewerking, ideeën, suggesties bij het uitwerken van uw zakelijke plannen.

U kunt meerder opties kiezen
Vul in welke industriële activiteit of bedrijfstak u wel valt.
U kunt meerder opties kiezen
Vul in wat u wel wilt bereiken indien geen van het bovenstaande weergeeft wat u zakelijk beroepsmatig zou willen bereiken.


Onderstaande websites werken in samenwerking met ABC Handel & Industrie. Uw bedrijfsprofiel wordt door deze internationale websites ook internationaal gepubliceerd.


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90.000 Listed Companies – Find Manufacturers Representatives, Sales Representatives, Sales Reps, Sales Agents, Sales Distributors.

Take advantage of the largest single market

Many small companies in the EU struggle to internationalize their business even with an open and fair trade framework in place. Only 25% of EU-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) export at all and an even smaller portion export beyond the EU.’s goal is to assist European businesses to access foreign markets and find new business partners abroad. Going international increases SMEs’ performance, enhances competitiveness, and reinforces sustainable growth.

The European Single Market
With more than 500 million consumers, the European Single Market for products and services provides many opportunities for intra-EU trade. Our objective is to offer opportunities to businesses to freely move products within the EU and to International Markets. We assist entrepreneurs in finding new, sell or buy, businesses, franchise, new product lines provided by local and international suppliers, find sales agents, and distributors/resellers. Many opportunities are supported by available business loans, venture capital, etc.



Europe is the world’s second smallest continent by surface area comprising of 47 countries, however it is the wealthiest continent in the world. Among the industrialized regions, Europe’s manufacturing output has grown consistently since 2014, but only by almost 0.9 per cent in the second quarter of 2016 compared to the same period of the previous year. Meanwhile, the eurozone registered a growth rate of 1.0 per cent.

  • The EU, the United States and China accounted for more than two fifth of world trade in goods in 2016.
  • The main EU partners for exports in 2016 was the United States and for imports China.
  • Machinery and transport equipment accounted for more than 40% of EU exports and 30% of EU imports in 2016.

Get Matched and Find New Business Partners!

Use our website to search for worldwide suppliers, manufacturers, engineering companies, agents, distributors, by specialty or location. It’s easy to search and to find top-rated products, subcontractors, product designers, buyers, and sellers. We offer support to find new outlets for your products, find you new distributors, sales agents, manufacturing partners or other supplies that you require in the international expansion of your business.

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Beter concurreren met organisaties uit de branche

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Receive unlimited leads and inquiries in your inbox! All you have to do is list your company with your product descriptions to receive inquiries from worldwide buyers!

Free unlimited leads, inquiries, or new contacts. You can review every new lead, contact or inquiry that you are being offered and accept or refuse it.

Use our website to search for worldwide suppliers, manufacturers, engineering companies, agents, distributors, by speciality or location. It’s easy to search and to find top-rated products, subcontractors, product designers, buyers, and sellers.

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Salaris voor een verkoop agent en distributeur

Better & More Export & Import Trade To & From The EC

This is for anyone interested in international trade

This is for anyone interested in international trade, the improvement of international trade, in particular the trade between the EU and European countries, but also export and import trade activities from the EU on an international basis. All international trade-related disciplines, companies, manufacturers, sales agents, distributors, chambers, and consultants are welcome. Everyone related to international trade can list their products and or services and offer them for sale, receive inquiries and orders or inquire about someone else’s products and services. The purpose of ExporTTrade.Eu is to assist WORLDWIDE businesses (EU, Europa, USA, China, Japan, Korean, Pacific, Canada, Russia, Africa, Asia, etc.) with:

  • Trading within the EU
  • Exporting from the EU
  • Importing into the EU, Exporting to the EU
  • Accessing world markets
  • The creation of a community dedicated to the development of international trade

At ExporTTrade.EU you can:

  • List your business (free or paid membership)
  • List your products and or services, offer them for sale, receive orders, receive inquiries based on the products that you show
  • Invite other listed businesses or service providers to contact you and to do business with you
  • Find agents, distributors, import agencies, export agencies, new products and business opportunities
  • Promote your business website by reciprocal linking to the ExporTTrade.Eu website

Export & Import Trade European Union

Trade openness expands business opportunities for local companies by opening up new markets, removing unnecessary barriers, and making it easier for them to export.

Trade expands choice and lowers prices for consumers by broadening supply sources of goods and services
and strengthening competition.

International trade between different countries is an important factor in raising living standards, providing employment, and enabling consumers to enjoy a greater variety of goods. International trade has occurred since the earliest civilizations began trading, but in recent years international trade has become increasingly important with a larger share of GDP devoted to exports and imports.

The EU is one of the most representative global economic actors. This is highlighted by the fact that in 2016, EU-28 GDP represented more than 21% of world GDP. The EU is also a strategic pillar of the world economy, that has a potential comparable to that of the United States, gaining leadership in certain sectors of the economy, such as world production, exports of goods, exports and imports of services and is the world leader in delivering development aid.

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